IGNITE is proud to provide contract manufacturing and packaging solutions to many of the world’s top retailers. If you visit a major retailer, there is a strong chance that we have manufactured some of the products being sold there.


Our in-house design team can assist in product and packaging design, and our fragrance lab can offer a wide range of scent selections and performances to suit your market's taste and safety regulations. Our production facility is also equipped with the latest technology and machinery that allows us to streamline operations and deliver our customer's extreme value and quality.

PRIVATE LABEL / OEM Service Procedures:


Step 1. Customer Offers design. (new label, new logo, etc.)


Step 2. IGNITE Designer and sales help to confirm and offer the artwork.


Step 3. The customer confirms the final design.


Step 4. IGNITE makes samples.


Step 5. Customers verifies the new order pre-mass production samples.

            (Modify and make samples again if our customer isn't satisfied with them.)


Step 6. Mass Production under produce.


Step 7. Finish the whole mass production.


Step 8. Delivery of goods to customer.