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IGNITE is honored to offer contract manufacturing and packaging services to many of the world's leading retailers and brands. If you walk into a major retailer, it's highly likely that you'll find products manufactured by us.

Our in-house design team provides support for product and packaging design and our fragrance lab offers a wide variety of scent options to meet the tastes and safety regulations of your market. Our state-of-the-art production facility is equipped with the latest technology to streamline operations and deliver exceptional value and quality to our customers.


  1. The customer submits a design proposal (new label, new logo, etc.).

  2. Our design and sales teams work together to confirm and present the artwork.

  3. The customer approves the final design.

  4. IGNITE creates samples.

  5. The customer reviews and verifies the samples before mass production. (If needed, samples can be modified until the customer is satisfied.)

  6. Mass production begins.

  7. The production is completed.

  8. The finished products are delivered to the customer.

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